chewigem remote sensory chew


Practical and satisfying stim toy

The remote control was created with home fidgeters in mind. Have you ever picked away at the lovely foamy buttons of a remote control? Then regretted it? Now with Chewigem remotes you can join the thousands who are saving remote controls and using ours instead.

  • Tough and robust
  • Raised buttons to imitate a remote
  • Flexible, but stiff
  • Chewable and fidgetable
  • The perfect netflix fiddler’s companion

Designed with at home use in mind, it does not have to stop there. If you love it, then take it to work and have it on your desk as a desk fidget and chew. For younger customers who become attached to it, it has a handy slit which you can combine with a chewipal to attach to a buggy, button hole or wheelchair.

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