Tonies gekko


It’s time to be a hero! Follow the exciting adventures of crime-busting trio PJ Masks as they go into the night to save the day!

Young friends Greg, Amaya and Connor wait until nightfall to put on their pyjamas, activate their animal amulets and transform into their superhero personas to solve mysteries and fight evil villains.

Watch out baddies The mighty Gekko is the master of camouflage! He may be the youngest of the team, but with his super strength and sticky lizard grip he can scale walls and lift heavy objects and even walk on water.

Preschool fans will love these superhero stories and will delight at the inclusion of catchy songs from the TV series.

Recommended Age 4+

List of titles

01 – PJ Masks Theme Song

02 – Super-Sized Gekko

03 – Gekko Loves Lionel

04 – Pirate Robot

05 – Mighty Little Gekko Song

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