Studio lab


• Unleash your creativity and find out how to create a YouTube channel. Record amazing science videos to share with your friends, learn editing and interaction tips with your audience and make scientific experiments more viral and fun.
• This Kit include an Educational book in 6 languages (english, spanish, german, dutch, french, portuguese)
• Kit Contents:
• 36 Page educational book
• Rocket decorative elements
• Youtuber scientist´s suitcase
• Large measuring cup
• Small measuring cup
• Sodium bicarbonate
• Rocket cup with lid
• Protective goggles
• Identification card
• Pasteur pipettes
• Volcano mould
• Clapperboard
• Gloves
• Candle
• Balloons
• Wooden Spatula
• Plastic spatula
• Red colouring
• Blue colouring
• Zip-Lock bangs
• Citric acid
• Tripod
• Funnel
• Straw
• Ball

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