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DISCO QUEEN: Party with Cookie the Flamingo, Queen of the 80’s Disco!
• BOOM BOX: Bring Cookie onto the dance floor in her Boom Box accessory!
• ROLLER SKATES: Strap Cookie into her rainbow roller skates and watch her fly!
• CAT CHAKRA: Open up your ninth eye with Caeli, the Purple Tie-Dye Cat!
• LOTUS PAD: Place Caeli in her Lotus Pad so she can detach from her worldly worries!
• FAIRY WINGS: Attach her Fairy Wings and let her fly around her dream world!
• HAMSTER JAM: Join the band and prepare to jam with Humphrey the Hamster!
• GUITAR STRAP: Strap on his Guitar and sing along as he strums out a song!
• BONGO DRUMS: Humphrey can also thump on his Bongo Drums for a steady back beat!
• GO GREEN: Preen and go green and with Todd the Rooster!
• COLOURFUL CACTUS: Squish Todd inside his Cactus fashion Accessory!
• POT ROOST: Place him inside of his Succulent Pot so he can nest with his baby flowers!
• COLLECT MORE: Collect all six Squishville Accessory Sets and look out for new sets coming soon!

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