Hot wheels monster trucks crushzilla


• In the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers Mega-Wrex vs. Crushzilla Takedown playset, kids drive and launch Mega-Wrex at a spinning and pivoting Crushzilla to knock him out and win the challenge!
• The base of the set moves and shakes during play, creating sensory feedback during the crashing and smashing.
• Crushzilla moves based on where Mega-Wrex attacks for a 360-degree play area and incredible details to explore.
• The set includes 1 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Mega-Wrex in 1:64 scale and 2 crushable cars that kids can put in the grandstands or feed to Crushzilla .
• Kids can feed crushable and die-cast cars into the mouth of Crushzilla , then aim Mega-Wrex at the appropriate smash spot to free them. (Additional cars sold separately.)

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