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Happy Senso is of the highest quality and has been dermatologically tested. Highly appreciated by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial therapists and speech therapists

Happy Senso is a gel with wonderful Multi-sensory effects. It’s dermatologically tested formula gives you a nourishing and cooling effect, which feels like “popping candy” on the skin.

By using this in fun and creative ways can allow you to smell, hear, feel and see it which can create wonderful moments of contact, sparkle and enthusiasm.

A great addition to any messy play table or an Occupational and/or Speech and Language Therapist’s toolbox, to aide proprioceptive awareness and engagement.

Choose from four different colours with scents Mint, Tropical, Neutral & Sweetness.

Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel is a versatile and stimulating product that can be used for a variety of sensory activities:

Tactile Sensory Play:  Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel can be used for tactile sensory play. You can explore the different textures, consistencies, and temperatures of the gel using your hands, fingers, or feet.

Visual Sensory Stimulation : The vibrant and bright colours of Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel can provide visual sensory stimulation. You can enjoy watching the colours mix and blend as you play with the gel.

Proprioceptive Input :  Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel can also provide proprioceptive input. The gel can be used to create resistance or pressure, which can be beneficial for people who need this type of sensory input.

Aromatherapy : Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel contains essential oils, which can provide a calming and relaxing scent. The aroma can be used for aromatherapy and sensory stimulation.

Overall, Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of sensory activities. It can provide tactile, visual, proprioceptive, calming, and aromatherapy sensory input.

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