Hand fidget & sensory chew blue/orange


Pocket size hand fidget & sensory chew

A portable, pocket-sized secret weapon to meet your stimming, twiddling, and chewing needs.

Our community-inspired this design, asking for something that was not wearable but could be kept in your pocket and fiddled with. Something that was portable. We had bought out another handheld chew and fidget aid the Hexichew, which is far bigger than this and whilst great lends itself to at-home use. Jenny wanted to create something that met the needs of people who needed smooth or textured surfaces, that could be easily accessed and carried but also withstand chewing.

Pocket sized
Dual textured
A firm favourite with fidgeters
91 % of people who use Chewigem report it improves their concentration

Imagine the peace of mind provided by knowing you have something to hand if needed, something that can be carried easily and fits nicely in the palm of your hand, so it’s available for self-regulation whenever you require it.

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