Dino rescue ranger


Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? Toomies brings that wonder to a new generation with the Jurassic World Dino Rescue Ranger! These dinosaur toys are ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. Introducing the Dino Rescue Ranger. Upfront in the rescue car is our baby Triceratops. Shake the baby dino to hear a cute growl or put in the driver’s seat…watch them spin as the car is pushed around! Hook the rescue trailer to the car, inside is our poorly Brachiosaurus, ready to head to his check-up. The rescue trailer also works as a push & go vehicle, hook it up, load in the rescue gear shapes in the matching spaces on the side, and push down on the Brachiosaurus’s head to watch them all speed away. Chasing after the car encourages gross motor skills, while matching the rescue gear shapes to the trailer encourages logic, problem solving and fine motor skills. However you choose to play, Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!

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