Chewigem toggle silver


A common stim and habit people wish to redirect is sucking and chewing fingers. And this is how this product came about. We wanted to replicate the length and feel of a finger, but without it looking like a finger and I think we nailed it! Inspiration was combined with a mix of surf and skateboards. Another need we had fed back was for chewers who like to chew with their molars, some product shapes make reaching the molars a challenge, and this product works for that style of chewing too. However, not everyone wanted this on a pendant cord so we include a toggle strap which is a simple multifunctional strap that can work on zippers, school bags, keys and buttonholes.

  • Multifunctional versatile strap attachment & cord included so you can wear it your way
  • Choice of glossy and shiny finish making it pleasurable to rub, lick, and stroke or matt
  • Its length supports molar chewing
  • Shape and feel  designed to replicate a finger
  • Discreet and trendy style

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