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The Button Pendant is designed to withstand the most powerful jaws while still offering a satisfying bounceback.

The disk shaped design has been formulated to remove weak points and allow a more densely packed solid form making this perfect for those of us who love working hard to break through a Sensory Chew.

Safe but strong the specially formulated food-grade silicon compound is the magic that makes the Button Pendant tough but safe.  Silicon science has allowed us to create this incredibly compacted Sensory Chew without adding any harmful substances.

This means that if after multiple weeks of ‘aggressive chews’ you eventually do find a way to pierce the highly polished Button Pendant surface, you can relax.  As well as being perfectly safe to swallow you can give yourself a pat on the back, getting through this Sensory Chew takes dedication and super strength chompers.

Checkout the product lifespan tables to see how the Button Pendant is holding up against other sensory chews.

  • Glossy and smooth finish
    Dense and robust
    Range of funky or discreet colours and patterns

Work, school or socialising it can blend it due to its classic shape or due to the range in colours it can stand out too

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