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There is a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the high table to welcome customers.- Various pieces of jewellery and handbags are displayed on the right hand side of the bridal shop. – The two-part outfits hang on the four clothes hangers and the sweeping wedding dress with veil is displayed on the mannequin. – Buckets with wedding bouquets are attached to the clips at the side.- Styling and make-up accessories are stored in the racks on the left hand side of the bridal shop. There is also space for various wigs in the shelves. – The mascara, powder brushes and lipstick make-up accessories can be held by the figure.- The figures can only sit on the chair in undergarments to put on make-up. – A large selection of wedding cards are offered in the clips on the side.- The bridesmaid’s dress is displayed on the child mannequin.- The bridesmaid’s dress and skirt are made from silicone and can be put onto and taken off the child figure. – The soft material allows the figure to sit easily. – The many items offered in the bridal shop are linked in the middle of the shop by a spacious changing room.- The bridal veil is folded so that the two round recesses are positioned on top of each other, with the shorter end of the veil facing upwards. After the recesses have been placed over the braid, the veil is clipped in using the attachable hairpiece.Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 55 x 19 x 17,5 cm Recommended for ages 4+

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