Board sensory chew pink/blue


The board pendant was designed with finger chewers and thumb suckers in mind!

A common stim and habit people you may wish to redirect is sucking and chewing fingers. And this is how this product came about. We wanted to replicate the length and feel of a finger, but without it looking like a finger and I think we nailed it! Inspiration was combined with a mix of surf and skateboards. You can also reach your molars meaning the board pendant is popular with molar chewers too as some other shapes and sizes make this more of a challenge.

  • Glossy and shiny finish making it pleasurable to rub, lick, and stroke
  • Its length supports molar chewing
  • Shape and feel  designed to replicate a finger
  • Discreet and trendy style
  • Available in funky Camo or subtle silvers and blacks

90% of people say Chewigem reduces their anxiety

Whether at school or work, you can adjust this cord to a shorter length, and when the urge comes to suck or nibble a finger, redirect yourself to the board pendant and break that habit. With perseverance join the thousands who have successfully managed this.


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