Barbie mermaid colour reveal


• With 7 surprises in 1 package, the Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver all kinds of delight – kids will love revealing the Rainbow Mermaid Series with Original Color Reveal Innovation!
• Start the reveal experience by removing the outer layer of packaging, opening the tube and pulling out a mermaid doll covered from head to toe in Color Reveal metallic sea blue with a rainbow print and 4 decorated bags with hidden contents!
• Fill the tube with warm water, place the doll inside and swirl around – the water turns a shimmery sea blue for a magical effect!
• Pull out the doll to reveal the look – each mermaid doll represents a different color of the rainbow with long, colorful hair and a patterned tail! Look for the rare Color Reveal Ken merman doll who makes a splash with silvery hair!
• Open the 4 mystery bags to reveal their surprises – a soft fin to attach to the mermaid tail, pair of wrist cuffs, crown and seashell sponge-comb; store them in the tube after play!
• Use ice cold and warm water with the sponge for a color-change transformation that can be repeated over and over again – reveal a pattern on the doll’s arms and top for a wow moment!
• Makes a great gift for kids 3 years and older, who can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand the playtime opportunities!

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