Baby Annabell big 54cm


Baby Annabell has grown a size! Say hello to our Baby Annabell Big Annabell, at 54cm she’s a life-size toddler doll. Her soft-filled body is perfect for lots of cuddling and comforting and is great for encouraging nurturing play. She comes with her own bottle for pretend feeding and has sleepy eyes so when you lie her down, she’ll drop off into a lovely slumber. Dressed in her adorable dungarees with pink long-sleeved top, little ones are able to dress and undress her as they look after their new baby doll. Ideal for parent-child roleplay and discovering new skills, Baby Annabell Big Annabell is a great gift or companion for little ones aged 3+. Baby Annabell Big Annabell 54cm with romper and hat. Includes bottle.

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